Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Teaching Thinking In The Home

Do you truly teach your children to think? 

I recently had the opportunity to observe a 10-year-old boy learning to code a basic computer
program. For those of us computer challenged, coding is the programming language that designs software, apps, computer games, and even websites such as mine. Is this a lesson for gifted children? Actually not! Everyone can learn the basics of programming in this day and age - we just need to learn how to think!

The first step in this boy's learning was to teach him basic vocabulary, facts, and rules. This was his foundation to coding. A designed activity followed to engaged the boy in demonstrating that he really understood the foundation. (Note: There were no time restraints on this child's learning. Why must we rush our kids?)

And then... wonderful things began happening! The boy looked at the entire foundation and began systematically analyzing it. He examined carefully all the parts and how they related to each other. This was followed by the boy experimenting with the varying effects of the codes. In a language that you and I can understand - the boy created his own version of the Pac-Man game.

Is this boy a genius? Of course not! This is what happens when we teach all of our children to think. I would encourage each of you to review my official website, Homeschool Page, and in particularly the section on Upper Levels Taxonomy. For more information on teaching thinking, please feel free to contact me by email or any of my social media outlets.

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