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Book 5 Do you have an adolescence or teen in your household? What if you have more than one? Oh my! If that is true, I hope you take the time for a little 'R & R' (research & restraint). Your child is about to experience one of the most confusing and frustrating times in their human development - and it may last for years! LOOKING BACK I used to joke when my daughters were teens, "If I could just put them in a brown paper bag when they turned 13 and take them back out in about 3 years, they would be beginning to act like human beings again." All joking aside, I was quite wrong in the number of years that teen changes were beginning and ending. Research tells us today that teen development likely begins at the onset of puberty , which in fact could be as early as 10 and even younger in some children. In other words, the age of puberty continues to become earlier and earlier in children as time goes by. THE BRAIN IS CHANGING TOO Book 1