Saturday, December 10, 2016

Simple Solutions

The Simplest of Solutions

Often the simplest of solutions to problems are the best in raising our children. 
One of the most difficult problems facing our parents today is protecting quality time with their children. As a busy professional many years ago, my children (3 girls) recognized the problem, embraced it, and came up with their own solutions. First, they decided to protect a 'dad-time' activity with each of them and
assured me there would be no jealousy or other related problems. Sometimes, it was as simple as just walking through the local mall with one of my girls or going the landfill on the weekend. I often found myself  just listening in amazement as they talked.

Second, they decided to pick a night where they chose the dinner and cooked it for the entire family. The rules were simple - no complaints! It was again one of those times when Mom could put her feet up and relax while I supervised. Again, I mostly found myself just listening.
Third, each of us would share our day after our dinner was finished at the table. The girls would be first, my wife would follow, and then me. With one of our daughters it often became a comedic routine but extremely enjoyable! Again, the solutions were simple.

Although these things may seem trivial to some, these solutions were highly effective. They enhanced our children's abilities to solve problems and allowed each of us to know each other even better - but isn't that what life's all about?

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