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The Virtue of Compassion

Goodness, Righteousness, Morality, Integrity, Dignity, Rectitude, Honor, Decency, Respectability, Nobility, Worthiness, Purity In today's world, I can't imagine anything more important to teach our children than the virtue of compassion - the ability of a young person to  place themselves in another's shoes, to feel their pain as though it were their own and understanding another's point of view. Although feeling the pain of another is important, the real determiner is whether we are willing to alleviate the suffering by  acting upon it . How do we as parents teach compassion? It all begins at birth. The parent must provide a secure home environment based upon unconditional love . I can not stress enough the importance of immersing your child in a world of love, kindness, and respect. This is one of the most critical elements in the foundation of early childhood.  But parents must ' walk the talk '. Children are constantly watching and imitating thei

Internet Alerts

Setting Up An Internet Alert For Your Child        #homeschool #edchat #parent